Thursday, 20 March 2008

Net-Map Toolbox-Mapping together, Posted on March 18, 2008 by Eva Schiffer

(Quoting from above blog)
Below I have explored the idea of using Net-Map (through two computer applications called Visualyzer and GoToMeeting) in real time with groups all over the world online. While looking at ways how people can think together online, I came across this very instructive post about Online Graphic Organizers by Miguel Guhlin. He explores different free programs for drawing Mind Maps via the internet. Mind Maps are (mostly) not social networks (as in: actors connected by links) but rather networks of issues or ideas where a central idea is connected to branches of sub-ideas or sub-issues. I had a look at one application that he proposes called and it looks very useful.

Update: If you want to know it all, look at Vic Gee’s comment below and check out Vic’s comprehensive overview of tools for mind-mapping on-line and off-line.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Nike's Efforts to Empower Young Girls

While looking for inputs regarding action about alleviating poverty around the world, I came across the talk Social Innovation Conversations: Maria Eitel.

Beyond general interest, main lesson for me is that maturity is essential where there is the need for those who are involved in making things happen. She also emphasised that MONEY IS NOT THE PROBLEM, THE WILL IS THE PROBLEM!

Measuring now: Impact and Analysis with MIT Poverty Reduction Group! However, Google search has not yielded useful link about it, so I will have to continue looking.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Social Enterprise in UK - UnLtd site

An exciting and unexpected find UnLtd site - came via a two step hop from FT article "Make yourself happy to help" via following the link about Carmel McConnell about the charity she founded Magic Breakfast . Incidentally, and extended version of the article is available at on Ecademy together with a free and full length podcast interview with Carmel McConnell .

The excitement comes from the fact that there is a large repository of social action type undertakings with information on the Starpeople, winners of Millenium Commission awards. Moreover, there is a thriving UnLtd's ideas bank which "allows you to post, share and discuss UK- related social ideas."

Here is a list of some of the ideas obtained when I searched pages from UnLtd Ideas Bank for poverty:

UnLtd Ideas Bank: Idea - Fair Tax and Wage for Workers - The Alpha ...
The need to create incentives to work by reducing the poverty and hardship of minimum wage jobs within a sustainable economic model. ...
Fair Tax and Wage for Workers - 17k

UnLtd Ideas Bank: Idea - I'm An Investment Banker Get Me Out Of ...
Outside of the UK, business and trade is far more important to long as term poverty reduction than charity. I think there is scope for this idea and that there ...
I'm An Investment Banker Get Me Out- 15k

UnLtd Ideas Bank: Idea - Scheme to promote lifelong learning in ...
... for these resources to be shared, the technology that can be derived from areas such as space science can be used to end third world debt and poverty. ...
Scheme to promote lifelong learning - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

UnLtd Ideas Bank: Idea - One percent to change the world
The Problem. Poverty, cancer, child abuse, housing... The choice is yours. The Social Invention. What difference does 1% of your income make to you? ...
One percent to change the world - 13k - Cached - Similar pages

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