Saturday, 31 March 2007


Finally got a working Nokia N73 phone from 3. Saga is too long and at times farcical. Suffice to say that even this specimen is 'refurbished' and does not have installed the features one expects (and I DEFINITELY) wanted - like Radio. However, it does have Visual Radio - WHAT? I thought they called this TV!

So, looking through what is on Nokia site, I came across this nifty application called Lifeblog. At least it looks great - will have to read up about it before trying it out. Hmm, so not so nifty then if I have to resort to a manual peruse.

Watch out, next post should come with a photo from my N73 on the move - I hope!

Thursday, 8 March 2007

How did they do it?

I have been trying to work out a big puzzle. How is it that old Egyptians shared accurately stories over a period more than 1,300 years apart? Yet, corporations routinely fail to share specific knowledge that is critical to their successful survival.

Case of BP and maintenance (both in Texas refinery and of Alaska pipeline) are indicative here. Perhaps it is the time to remind Lord Browne why it is essential to have a Keeper of Coprorate Stories. Larry Randall asked him over 15 years ago who it was and did not get a proper answer. Proof is now here and very costly to company reputation as well as share price. Lord Browne leaves under the cloud - and all for want of understanding the power of stories that engage.


COMMENT AND ANALYSIS: A corroded culture? How accidents in Alaska forced BP on to the defensive

By Sheila McNulty in Houston, Financial Times
Published: Dec 18, 2006


COMMENT AND ANALYSIS: Blowdown: how faults at BP led to one of America's worst industrial disasters

By Sheila McNulty in Houston, Financial Times
Published: Dec 19, 2006

So why this gap?

Yes, travel and then awe!

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