Sunday, 3 December 2006

Internet + spoken word

I have discovered the joy of podcasts since getting broadband last month. It is early days, so I am just finding my way around the amazing options available.

For instance, today I have listened to:
- Telegraph Podcast: 30mins intro to daily news (interesting - I hever read the paper!)
- Democracy Now: Amy Goodman radio program (USA - progressive, interesting)
- HBR Ideacast: Harvard Bussiness Review weekly podcasts (USA - boring, will go easy)
- John Cleese: listened to several of his podcasts (nowhere close to Michael Palin)
- Malcolm Gladwell: on Human Nature (very interesting, would really need the images that went with it)

This is just great - I sit by my computer, work and still I can be listening to interesting people from all over the world.

Long may it continue.

1 comment:

Rebel with Cause said...

Blast, not worked out how to get line end. Must start looking at user manual - my lst resort!

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