Sunday, 23 December 2007

How Smart is Your Company

I have just spent several hours listening to two fascinating lectures given by Paul Strassmann on Google video. He is a fascinating man with great ability to penetrate complexities of the world of information, organisations and knowledge. Unlike so many others, he is scrupulous to base his observations on careful examination of data. Even more importantly, he has an long honed ability to get beyond usual measures by creating indicators that provide much better explanation of the phenomena he is tracking.

Rather than talk about specific lectures, I would urge a visit to his website, a true treasure.

Strassmann, Inc. Home Page

Several points stand out for me from the talks I heard:

  • Big applications like NHSFIT are already obsolete because the whole architecture is based on the old paradigm (Microsoft and Intel, desktop, etc)
  • Network-centric architecture requires fundamentally different thinking in every aspect: organisation, design, technology, timescales, security, speed, reliability, connectivity, upgrading and innovation
  • Knowledge capital dominates solutions
  • Data need to be assembled in context to respond to user questions
  • Bad publicity for an organisation shows that its knowledge is evaporating
  • Perverse Law of Knowledge: The more knowledge you have the less its incremental cost
  • The thing that separates companies when it comes to differences in the Net Worth of Employee are their organisation and their leadership qualities that reward and promote excellence

Finally, he said something worth repeating verbatim for its intrinsic wisdom:

"Lots of theories of this world are based on some simple assumptions that do not stand up. Nevertheless they become the way people look at their reality at great cost."

We live now in such times!

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