Friday, 29 February 2008

Charlie Leadbeater interview

In the light of the recent publication of his We-Think the book, I thought it worth revisiting the above interview I made with Charlie as part of the Assignment Zero crowdsourcing experiment. He said then:

There is a huge growth in what we might call Pop Idol models: companies trying to draw on a wider talent base but to feed an essential unchanged corporate process. There is much potential for collective intelligence in education, health, politics, news and media, cultural production. We’ve only just begun."

In addition, he reflected on the lessons learnt from the process of writing a book with wider involvement of others on Wikia.
He is also interviewed in the Spectator Charlie does surf. Meet the new wizard of the web. :

‘This whole thing that the web is new actually gets it all the wrong way round,’ he says. ‘Actually, it can touch things that are really rather old and that’s when it works best.’


‘The web’s potential for good,’ he says, ‘stems from the open, collaborative and even communal culture it inherited from its birthplace in academia and from the counter-culture of the 1960s, combined with pre-industrial ingredients it has resurrected, folk culture and the commons as a shared basis for productive endeavour.’ It is, in other words, ‘a peculiar mixture of the academic, the hippie, the peasant and the geek’.

He introduces term 'Collaborative conservatism' referring to what Cameron and Osborne seem to be doing in UK.

Remains to be seen!

As for the We-Think book, enjoy the introductory video!

Finally, ten years ago Charlie Leadbeater wrote a monograph for Demos entitled The Rise of Social Enterpreneur. He reflects in the Observer on the developments and lessons learnt in Mainstreaming the Mavericks .

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