Thursday, 4 September 2008

To Twitter or not to Twitter

I have been following and contributing increasingly to twitter in the last couple of weeks. The question is why?

Partly because it makes me feel I am involved with the lives of lots of different people though I am physically sitting at one of my desks at home! It certainly is in part helping me make new and unexpected contacts and I like that.

Another reason for using Twitter is that some of those that I follow are people I respect so it kind of indicates there must be something in it. People as diverse as Jay Rosen, Guy Kawasaki, David Gurteen, Stacey Monks,and another 160 or so.

I will review this effort in a week and see where it goes.

In the meantime, please start following me.


Lisha said...

Twitter and friendfeed are fantastic tools. Yes, they make you feel like you know what's going on, but they also feel like you are taking part in a thousand little conversations that are open to whomever is interested. It is both intimate and public at the same time. That whole thing of the conversation being "mostly in your head" adds to the feeling of intimacy, and can also help bind people together in new, and true, friendships.

My social life has been attached to the Internet for 14 years now, and I think that the sphere of microblogging is one of the best things that's happened yet for social connectivity.

Oz Sultan said...

Slight typo - It's Guy Kawasaki ^_^

Interesting post, nontheless.

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